In March of 2015, I had the opportunity to travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand with Shane Anderson. The three weeks we there were spent exploring, and also creating a mural with children of a small village. Their elementary school got a real cool facelift, and they all had a hand in helping paint it. It took 3 days to complete, and afterwards we had a big dinner with the village elders.

Chiang Mai was amazing to see, we visited many galleries and Buddhist temples, tried a lot of local cuisine, saw a lot of the night life, and drank a lot of Thailand's favorite beer (Chang). Pandas were a first time in person sight for both myself, and Shane at the Chiang Mai zoo. A last stop before we had to leave was Elephant Nature Park, A group that protects and cares for the endangered elephants. They allow people to visit in a tour setting with the idea that you're to help out in the feeding and bathing of the elephants.